Tiger Safari in Kanha Tiger Safari in Kanha

Jeep safari

Explore the mystical Kanha forest on an unbridled jeep safari.

Jeep Safari in Kanha

Jeep safari is an exclusive experience of sighting Kanha’s teeming wildlife and flourishing natural habitat. Navigate through the core or buffer forests of Kanha in this open top jeep safari, which offers a getaway to new vistas in exploration and adventure. Ride off at the crack of the dawn, or venture out in the afternoons as the sun beats a retreat into the transiting evening sky.

Our qualified and experienced naturalists accompany you in our open 4x4 jeeps, specially fitted with front-facing, elevated seats to enhance the safari experience.

Kanha opens from sunrise till 11:30 am and then from late afternoon until sunset. The park permits entry only after sunrise, while exits must be before sunset. Timings do tend to change with the seasons. Places of interest inside the park include Shravan Tal, Kanha Meadows and the Interpretation Centre.

Kanha tiger reserve is also the forest that inspired the popular novel by Rudyard Kipling ‘The Jungle Book’ about a boy who was raised by wolves. It is also famously known as ‘Kipling’s Country’. You would still find Baloo, the sloth bear nosing around for termites, Bagheera, the leopard hunting silently; and the langurs swinging from tree to tree. The mighty Sher Khan still roams free in these magical forests, that comprise one of the last strongholds of this most magnificent of cats, the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Nature Trails

Birding walks, trails & cycling jaunts to reconnect with Nature.

Cycling in Kanha

Witness the exotic flora and fauna unfold on exclusive nature trails, birding, and cycling expeditions. Nature walks can be therapeutic, revving your well-being and your innate connection with flora and fauna. A guided walk through the lush greenery might throw up surprises, of birds and bird sounds you never experienced before. Or the most insignificant beings that home in the pristine wild.

Redefine and reinvent your bond with nature by exploring wild life on foot, a fascinating experience that helps you stumble upon the finer offerings of the wilderness. The nature trails, birding walks, and cycling expeditions are conducted in the forests adjoining the lodge, with one of our experienced naturalist’s for company. You can also spend some unique moments exploring a few small lakes nearby, the Banjaar River and also the Gond tribal villages during these excursions.

Cycling in Kanha

Sunset Walk to a Scenic Hilltop

An exhilarating uphill trek to discover a scenic paradise

Sunset Trek in Kanha

Walk through the natural forests of our buffer zone, through the villages and mud settlements; to reach a scenic hilltop with a flat, expansive plateau. Get floored by the bird’s eye view of the expansive Kanha National Park, and the forests connecting Pench. You can indulge in some great photography as the hilltop offers an unobstructed view of the crimson sky. Though you wouldn’t want to leave this picturesque spot anytime soon, it is recommended to not stay up for long after sun sets down as it gets challenging to track your way back when its dark.

Vibrant Tribal Bazaars

Soak in the villager’s liveliness and get a flavor of the local life.

Tribal Bazaar in Kanha

Walking into a tribal market or haat (as it is locally called) is a perfect way to get a flavor of the local life. Not only does it offer a brilliant display of local customs but also helps you to soak in the villager’s liveliness. These bazaars bustling with activity and bursting with a riot of colours, showcase a fascinating array of display.These may include local artefacts, pottery, tribal jewellery, fresh organic greens or the catch of the day. These bazaars can be accessed on foot, on a bicycle ride, or you may request for a lodge jeep to ferry you back and forth, beforehand.

Tribal Bazaar in Kanha

Workshops to Nurture Your Inner Child

Find ample time to reinvent & release your inner child

Kids workshops in Kanha

We often struggle with finding time for things that really interest us & habitually convince ourselves for not being able to do so for the lack of time. However, this time you could actually get to practice it for real. Enjoy the pleasures of pottery and painting through these fun, therapeutic workshops that help you build on a new skill, and take home tangible memories.Craft workshops with local potters, a painting workshops with Gond painters and artisans; are all very relaxing experiences. These workshops can be only organised on prior request.

Alfresco meals and Bush Dinners

Exquisite experience to make you reminisce the good time

Activities to do in Kanha

Enjoy an alfresco meal while watching the morning sun render its serene glow upon the forests, or as the evening sinks into the ochre sky.Alfresco meals can be relished even on a morning safari while chasing the pristine wildlife of Kanha National Park. Our personal staff makes the experience eclectic, while serving our gourmet dishes or rustling up a sumptuous meal straight from the grill. Unwind with your dear ones under the star spangled sky, and savour the eclectic experience of a Bush dinner, amidst the mysterious forests sounds.Bush dinners can be organised only on prior bookings.

Activities to do in Kanha


Evenings made extra special with cozy bonfire tales

Things to do in Kanha

The cold evenings of Kanha can push you to huddle up under a blanket & miss out on the adventurous time that the evenings have to offer. We go an extra mile to make sure you don’t feel that way & make special arrangements to let you beat the bitter cold with our popular activity, bonfire. Bonfire is a relaxing experience which lets you bond with everyone present, while you share interesting tales about your jungle adventure.


A magnificent rendezvous with nature

Activities to do in Kanha

Amongst the top activities in Kanha, the Banjaar River picnic is a unique experience that can be enjoyed on the outskirts of Kanha National Park. Banjaar River is the lifeline of Kanha National Park and we drive about 15 minutes from the lodge to a point that is serene and secluded. The experience takes you back to your childhood where you find yourself amidst an exclusive setup, ideal for a private family picnic. The landscape drenched in raw wilderness, the sounds of the nearby river, the locals passing by attending to their daily chores, and the breathtaking sunset make this experience mesmerizing. Guests have the option to walk to this point and get picked up by an open Jeep.

Activities to do in Kanha


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